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By Michael L. Haas

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Now the storey. My name is Michael L. Haas and was assigned to the 509Th RR Grp. 224th Avn Bn (RR), 144th Avn. Co. from 12/66 to 10/68. The 144th operated from Nha Trang with TDY postings to Plieku. (I was with 1st Cav. 08/66 to 12/66 with an non-ASA unit before assignment to the 144th.). I came to the 144th as a E-3 acft Mech and ultimately became the flight line supervisor and acft Tech. Inspector for the company until DEROS. I was on crewmember flight status with the appropriate clearance. We were on TDY status operating our RU-8D from Camp Hollaway Army AF and working with an assocciated ASA ground unit with the 4th Inf. Div. at Camp Enari and MACV HG @ Plieku in August, 1967. We were notified that one of the 1st RR P2's had cracked up at the Neighboring New Plieku AFB and proceeded there to assist in removing certain mission equipment and assist with security pending arrival of members of the 1st RR. I took several photos of the aircraft and as you can see the tail # was 131429. Also it was the right recip engine that failed to reverse, causing the aircraft to go off runway to the left, which as my recollection is, was the south side of the runway.


By Paul Daigneault
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One, is a picture of one of the planes in flight on the way to Thailand to avoid and approaching typhoon and the other is a group picture of a lot of the flight crew personnel. It was during the 1968-1969 time frame.

Pictures and Questions

By Paul Michael Anton
I bought a used book many years ago and found these pictures in it. I saved the pictures and put them away. I rediscovered the pictures while cleaning and took an interest in them worndering about the plane and the person in the picture. I was looking at the plane and I did a web search using the tail number whick eventually and fortunately, led me to the Crazy Cats website where I contacted Roger and he posted the pictures for me. I was wondering who is in the picture and if they would want them back or any stories attached to the pictures???

Thanks for your time


The Pictures

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