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If it is a link or a picture follow it, because there are thousands of photos here. My path takes me many places I have not been nor seen. As I have gotten older I have developed a little apprehension of hanging on the side of cliffs, yet I still wander the narrow paths of the mountains, walk the dirt and coblestone streets, and drive the unknown. Yes, there is a camera always with me.

April 2018. From my many walks around town.

March 2018. Chapala's 2018 Bikini CarFest brings in many of the older Volkswagens from around Mexico. Photos from just wandering around Ajijic.

February 2018. Carnival festival in Chapala is normally large and colorful. It was smaller this year for some reason. Ajijic's Carnival parade was a cloud of flour. The kids love it. 40th Mexican Chili Cook-off this a charity event for children's orphanages. Finding a buffet for breakfast gets difficult sometimes El Bambu Restuarant Mexican slyle of all you can eat.

January 2018. Getting the chill off with a trip to Manzanillo. The tempertures in the high 80's is hot, and the humidity is thick. A walk down Malecon in Centro and the beach along our hotel. It is beautiful for sure. Driving from Ajijic to Manzanillo we stop in Colima City to see La Campana Archaeological Site 331 acre and only 1% complete. It dates to around 900 BCE.

December 2017 with lakeside Chapala, a farm with squash by the hunderds, and misc. pictures.

November 19th 2017. A drive to see Tepatitlan. Driving highway 80 North of Guadalajara with huge farms and open views was good for a picture or two. This is the largest egg producing area in Mexico.  There is always a church in the plaza in every town. This one was large and pretty. A stop at a lake next to the highway that actually has bass in it. Although the bass I saw caught would get you about a $150 fine in the USA.

November 5th 2017. A Sunday drive to see the wild flowers final blooms for the season. Drive up Tuxcueca-Mazamitla highway with stops in La Manzanilla de la Paz to see the lake and wander the town. Another pretty little lake along the way was Villa Morelos and a small village.

October 2017 and always wandering somewhere.

September 2017. A quick trip to VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX. The heart is great and they have no clue what is hurting. Old Age. I had to drop the car off at the shop so I took a walk the through the town of San Juan Cosala. Through the church yard, tiangus, and down the Malecon. I love the Tapatio Tours in Guadalajara a double decker bus with one price and a get off/get on at sights. If you start early you may get to see it all. We made it through the Military Museum, the Senor tequila distrillery, and dinner in Tlaquepaque.

August 2017. Wandered around in Ocotlan. A drive up the hill to the Oak Forest Trail, a cookout while the parents are out of town, savage run starting in a foot of water into the mountains and a 46k also. The tiny two girls in dresses are unbelievable long distance runners.

July 2017. Deer at Old Hickory Lake, McGregor Park in Clarksville, TN, Jamay, Jalisco, MX a town on highway 15, battling the airports from Guadalajara to Mexico City to Dallas Forth Worth. Seven days in the US and I couldn't take anymore. I stepped out of the Nashville airport into hell itself. The temperature was close to 100 and the humidity was right behind it.

June 2017. Bonanza bar girl, the kids partying for the weekend, and lake Chapala.

May 2017. The Chapala Malecon and the Jocotepec Malecon passing time.

April 29th 2017. These mountains are there everyday. They change from season to season, but they are a part of life. The Sierra de San Juan Cosala are a part of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range. It appears like a nice rolling hike along the ridgeline. That is not even true. 10.41 miles and a top peak elevation of 8114 feet with grades in excess of 60 degrees at times, this was the most scary and most dangerous hike I have taking on. In two days I learned it is more important to have water than food, and so now I can say, "I have been there done that". I am returning to flat land walking for a while. More April photos from everywhere. Live events from the Holy Day celebration. Tuxcueca to Highway 54D to waste some time on a Sunday.

March 2017. Misc pictures from Jocotepec to Ajijic. Bikini Car Fest Chapala with lots of beautiful cars and a break in the park. Drive around Lake Cajititlan where we stop to see every small village on the way.
February 2017 hike to Ceremonial Grounds, Chili Cook-off a charity event,  and wandering around.

January 2017. Huentitan and El Salto Highway 54 North out of Guadalajara takes you in the deep valley of the Rio de Santiago. Most of this valley is in the Parque Nacional Barranca de Huentitán. Traveling a short distance North you are in the State of Zacatecas. El Salto is the side of GDl where a lot of companies have located, Honda makes a CRV here, and major tire companies manufacture tires here. Tapalpa is home to the alien rocks. Don't ask me why they are there, but it sets at 7200 feet in the mountains. Clear blue skies and fresh air can be found here.

December 2016. I got a great hike on Christmas day. The beauty of the mountains! Trip to Colima wanting to see Fuego de Colima. Wandering the side roads in the hills trying to get closer for a better photo we drive into the small town of San Marcos. We stop at a store for water, and I step into the street to see if I can get a better view. Booooooom! It spews crap out and then goes into hiding. The steam and ash block the mountain from being seen anymore.

November 2016. Lots of beautiful scenery this month

2016 Aiden's Fall Break spent in Panama City Beach and places in between. Cell Phone pictures that were all but forgotten.

October 2016 when everything turns to blooms.

2016 September's Globos and just hanging around.

August 2016 and everyday things. Around the lake a 249 kilometer drive but pretty. A drive on the north side of the lake to places I have never been. Mazamitla the Swiss Alps of Mexico. A different style of building and 7200 feet in the mountains. Yes much cooler and I was cold. Jocotepe-Ixtlahuacan drive started on a good highway and drove much of the mountains on a wagon trail.

July 2016 and always time for local pictures. A drive with Bob to Sayula the home of Jose Ojeda Knives. Guachimontones is a prehispanic archaeological site near the Mexican town of Teuchitlán that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE.

June2016  and the rainy season is turning everything beautiful. A walk in Chapala with a few photos of the Yacht Club and the Malecon. The Oak Forest Area sits atop a hill overlooking the lake with a great hiking trail. To my surprise I find this in a place I can see from the bottom of the mountain. It is very  difficult to find a way to get there too. Sometimes it takes more than one try, with mountains there is not always a easy way.

May 2016 is one of the hot months here with temperatures in the 90's, but with the low humidity I still manage to wander and take pictures. Tapalpa one of Mexico's Pueblo Mágico located at 6800' in the mountains. It has hardwood, and pine trees with beautiful blue skies. It is know for the strange rock formations of Las Piedrotas of an unusual size whose origin is unknown, hence it is also known as the Valley of the Enigmas. Mazamitla is known as the Swedish Alps of Mexico. It is another mountain town located at 8200' in the mountains. We road a Safari truck higher into the mountains for a trip to Valle de Juarez.

April 2016 as the temperature creeps up it is pool time. Now my old house I found in a brush filled lot. One day in the pass it was a fine house with pool and gardens but abandoned to decay for some reason. Mezcala and Mezcala Island is a historic site in Jalisco that dates back to around 1280 with the first presence of people on the island. It was an important center of worship for the native pre-Columbian civilizations of Jalisco, a hold out in the revolution, and a prison. It has been under renovations since I have been here.

March 2016 is a great month for hiking and site seeing. I found the Capilla De Nuestra Señora de Lourdes in Chapala as I drove down the street. It was so bright with colors that from 3 blocks off the street it could not be missed. A drive to San Luis Soyatlan for an afternoon and one of their famous Vampiros. A little trip to the beach in Burcerias, Nayarit and a very scenic drive. Looking for something to do so we spend a day at the Guadalajara Zoo . No, I can not help hiking in the mountains, but they always draw blood. Yes they are dangerous, but I love them. Very peaceful.

February2016  is warming on schedule. Chapala's Carnaval with plenty of excitement, and the Mexican Chili Cookoff.

January 2016 Still sunny and warm to most. A horse show in Jocotepec, a pretty grave yard outside of San Luis Soyatlan, a little drive to Zamora, Chapala Tianguis, and the bakery. Amazing what I find to do.

December 2015 is a good time for hiking and walking with warm and sunny weather . It is also a good time for kissing rocks with my face.

November 2015 still into fall colors and water plants on the lake Gaby and I in Guadalajara to see the sights.

October 2015 with the girls. They are pretty, and as much trouble as anyone can handle.

Globos Festival 2015 and a little Road Trip through the valley on Citala - Tuxcueca Highway. Finishing out the month of September with photos of Ajijic and La Cancinta.

2015 Bob, Gaby, and I in Tonala searching for Bob a new patio table.

August 2015 a trip around Lake Chapala, Chapala, Guadalajara Zoo.

2015 The Magic City of Tequila a major producer of all Tequila. The Guachimontones are circular stepped pyramids some 2300 years old. The site is a prehispanic archaeological site near the Mexican town of Teuchitlán. The site was discovered in 1970 and the important research only began in 1996 .

July 2015. Boats, hikes, walks and trails

June 2015 and a little trip with Gaby to Tapalpa one of Mexico's Magic Cities . A hike with Bob to Al Tepalo a water falls in the mountains behind Ajijic. Zamora and Lucy's family along with Misc pictures from the month of June.

May 2015 with a few hikes up the mountains around Ajijic. A trip with Gaby to Mescala and the Island. A trip to the Gallatin to see Aiden. A lot of DollyWood in Pigeon Forge.  A visit to the Sumner County Museum with Aiden.

April 2015 A whole family camping on holy week on the lake shore. My walking trail went through there campsite, and I got to meet the family. My pool and jacuzzi with the girls. The plaza and church in San Juan Cosala. Other picture pictures in and around Ajijic.

March 2015 more pictures in and around Ajijic.

2015 Bikini Car Fest Chapala.

Febuary 2015 more pictures in and around Ajijic.
January 2015 more pictures in and around Ajijic.
December 2014 more pictures in and around Ajijic.
November 2014 starts with pictures in Ajijic and then a stay in Puerto Vallarta and the drive there and back. Highway 15 goes through the Lava fields of the Ceboruco Volcano .
October 2014 Thrill the World dance in Ajijic, a drive on the far side of the lake with the beautiful fall blooms, and Jocotepec city and Malecon. A new apartment in the country.

September 2014 The ever changing lake and mountains, the Globos Fest Ajijic, San Antonio Rive Walk and the Alamo.

August 2014 Chapala city, friends, flowers, races, bicycles, and city streets

July 2014 The chapel on the mountain, El Tepalo Falls, and a trip to Guadalajara.

June 2014 All around Ajijic where there is a new picture everywhere.

2014 The month of May was spent in the United States. Aiden and I at the Hermitage, the plantation was owned by Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, from 1804 until his death at the Hermitage in 1845. A stop at Old Hickory Beach for a Picnic lunch. Aiden's Field day at school. Ball games, birthdays,  and fishing

2014 Many random pictures in Ajijic from the February 15th Mexican National Chili Cookoff to the February 25th Guadalajara trip. Strolling the colonial sections of the old town, and visiting plazas, churches, hotels, old building, and the Tapatio Bus Tour to surrounding metro towns of Tlaquepaque and Tonala. Then moving into March with new celebrations and the Carnival Parade on the 4th in Ajijic. In April the trees begin to bloom anew like spring in the states although plants never really stop blooming in Ajijic. The large Jacaranda, and Primavera trees are masses of blooms of purple and yellow, and no it has not rained in six months.

January 25th 2014 trip to Cancun at the Royal Mayan Resort. Visits to Coba and Tulum Ruins, and the El Rey Ruins and taking the ferry to Isle de Mujeres for a day.

New Years day 2014 Ajijic Parade.

2013 Random pictures in Ajijic for December including art work from Michoacan, the Peligans, and Christmas dinner.

2013 November filled with more Festivals and fun in the streets. Festival season is never lacking of something going on.

2013 Finish October with Halloween, Thriller Dance, and yet more Festivals and fun in the streets.

2013 Aiden and I taking Fall Break 2013 Rock City and The Lost Sea.

2013 Aiden and I taking Fall Break 2013 Ruby Falls and The Incline Railway.

2013 Aiden and I taking Fall Break  Chattanooga Riverfront, Tennessee Aquarium, Children's Science Museum, and River Ducks 2013.

  2013 Aiden and I taking Fall Break WynneWood and Bledsoe Park.

September 2013 Chapala, Ajijic, Rodeos, Parades, Globos, the girls and other pictures around the area.

July 2013 Lake and mountain pictures.

June 2013 Hike to El Tepalo Falls.

2013 Misc. Pictures from the month of June taken in Chapala, Ajijic, Guadalajara Zoo, Tonala shopping for ceramics, pottery.

2013 Chupinaya Carrera de Montana(Mountain Race). The race consists of to different length runs. One is 6k and the other is 13.8k(Savage Run) and is run to the top of the mountain. The top elevations is 7,890 feet.  The pictures were taken as the runners go up the mountain trail and at the finish line. There were 400 hundred runners. The trail is extremely grueling as you go higher. The top runner this year won the race in 1 hour 26 minutes, and this takes me 7.5 hours to hike.

2013 Misc. Pictures from the month of May.

March 2013 The drive back to the states for Aiden's spring break is a 2000 mile four day trip. It takes me through some of the most beautiful deserts and mountains in Mexico. In Saltillo the highway elevation is 7200 feet, and the surrounding mountains are still huge. North from Saltillo to Monterrey the huge mountains turn to solid granite. Leaving Ajijic at 6:30 AM and drive with the widows down in the great weather until outside of San Antonio, Texas. I was shocked when the lovely weather changed to flakes of snow in Mississippi. Ajijic to Saltillo March 18th.   Saltillo to Texas March 19th.   Louisiana March 20th.

February 23rd 2013 . 35th Mexican National Chili Cook-Off held in Ajijic. It is Lake Chapala's largest fund-raiser, and it supports local children charities. It is held at the local water park. There are vendors, food, and entertainment for everyone. You may well note there are a few gringos in attendance. The lake Chapala area has a large population of Americans, and Canadians.
2013 February 18th 2013 drive to Mazamitla. After driving highway 15 on the south side of Lake Chapala you reach highway 405 the turnoff for Mazamitla. It was a beautiful drive up the mountains with the temperatures in the high 70's. The area turns from the dry arid mountains to green pine and hard wood trees. You feel the air get cooler the higher you drive up the mountains. Mazamitla is one of Mexico's Pueblo Magicos (Magic Towns). Mazamitla was founded by the Aztec in 1165. It sets at an elevation of 7300 feet in the Sierra Madre Mountains. It has a different appearance than the rest of Mexico. The buildings and the town itself has a Norwegian style, and it is a Sunday and there are vendors and people all in the streets.
February 12th 2013 Carnaval parade in Ajijic. Carnaval is celebrated in all of Mexico. The men dress as women and the kids have a blast as the flour and confetti is thrown everywhere. There a parades, bands, and cookouts. This is a day where the whole family has a great time. There were open air bands at the Malecon that played well into the night.
February 2nd 2013 trip to San Luis Soyatlan.  Leaving Ajijic on the water taxis I got to see how Ajijic really looks. You have about seven blocks with the lake on one side and the Sierra Madre Mountains on the other. A quiet peaceful ride across the lake and about 3 hours to wander around the town of San Luis Soyatlan. The drinks in the plastic bag on the main street was a traffic stopper. There was a tequila drink and a beer drink. They were the biggest seller in the town.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **December 20th 2012 a little tour of Monte Coxala the spa and hotel located inside the Racquet Club. The Racquet Club is a gated residential community located in San Juan Cosala. It is perched on the side of a section of the Sierra Madre Mountains overlooking Lake Chapala. I has natural hot springs that heat the pools and the spas in this area. Monte Coxala is known for its hot spring spas and beautiful gardens. At one time I had thought of moving there until I drove around it, or let us say drove up it. I love to climb the mountains, but I would not love to climb my drive.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** December 17th 2012 lunch at La Iguana de Piedra Restaurant with my neighbor Kevin's wife Mary. Kevin is away in Algiers on a consulting job, and I make a excellent chauffeur. It was a great meal and the restaurant was full of gardens and views. I wish I had some of their 3D Art like the turtle. I have to thank Mary for that one. It was her pick and her treat.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Ajijic, Mexico December 2nd 2012 pictures of my return trip to La Chupinaya for a 7 hour hike. By the time I reached the top at 7,880 feet my suntan lotion, and my body had given completely out. You can see for miles and miles at the top. Mezcala, Chapala, Guadalajara, surrounding towns, and the lake are in plain view from this high up. At this point you are looking down on mountain ranges. Then the only problem is walking down is no easier than the walk up. The trails are treacherous because of the dry soil, small rocks, and gravel roll under your feet on the steep incline. It was really dead man walking as I returned.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** November 17th 2012 Feria Maestros del Arte with Michael and Georgeanna. The Art Show was filled with some of the finest crafts and art works from different parts of Mexico. Most of the items were show by the original artist and craftsmen.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The Day of the Dead November 2nd 2012 a national holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. I start my day walking on Ajijic's Malecon and got pictures of the finished artwork on the skateboard park. Then through the street to see the shrines and street art for the holiday. I wandered the graveyard to see what they had done to it, and back around the square.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **On my October 16th search for hiking boots I drove to Chapala. While there I took pictures of the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi which is the large beautiful church downtown. The Braniff house construction started in 1903 by Don Luis Perez Verdia and then was bought by Alberto Braniff, an aviator who was the first man to fly an airplane in Latin America. It is now the Restaurant Cazadores . A walk thru Chapala Park, and the Malecon around Lake Chapala that are a very beautiful part of Chapala. I did not find my hiking boots, so I guess this big footed Gringo has to buy shoes in the USA.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The rainy season is not suppose to stop until mid September, but it is October 11th and the mountain has had no rain in 17 days. The greenery of 17 days ago is gone. The leaves are falling and the weeds and plants on the mountain have just died. I had noticed on my trip to Tequila that it was not all of Mexico that was dry. It is a lot like fall in the U.S., but it is from lack of water.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The October 3rd 2012 trip took me to the Guachimontones Ruins in Teuchitlan, Mexico. These pyramids were built by a highly organized society which had begun in western Mexico in 1000 BC and had reached its apogee in 200 AD. In 1999 they begin to excavate and eventually to restore the ruins at Teuchitlán. Traveling on through vast stretches of farm land with fields of corn and sugar cane covering hundreds of acres we reach Magdalena home of the Mexican Fire Opal. We stopped at a little shop in Magdalena to shop, and they did had some fine opals. The scenery changes as we drive toward Tequila. It becomes vast fields of Blue Agave instead of corn and sugar cane. Tequila is the home of the famous liquor "Tequila". We then took a tour through Tres Mujeres Distillery and of course a sample.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** September 30th 2012 I hiked to the Indian Ceremonial Grounds at a 6325 feet elevation on the mountain above Ajijic. I took the path less used, and it was straight up. Half way up I entered a plowed field that is taken care of by man and beast. From the corn field I hiked up along a narrow rock ledge while looking off over a bluff. I continued to climb higher finally reaching grassy fields high on the mountain. At the very top of these grassy fields is the Ceremonial Grounds. The area contains wooden structures that have a fire pit in the middle went covered they become sweat lodges. The center rock circles are where the ceremonies are held. There is a small building where they have food and fresh water even when nothing is going on.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 C.B and Sarah's last day in Mexico and our hike to the top of the mountain. C.B. 73 years old with a pacemaker and here they sit at the top of the first ridge of mountains.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The September 8th 2012 Ajijic Globos Festaval was a sight for everyone to see. Globos are kerosene fired light paper balloons. Some of the Globos do not make it, and they become balls of fire. People are dancing in fire and it does not seem to matter, because there are hundreds of people on the soccer field to watch and assist in the flight of these balloons.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 Well another day in paradise so C.B., Sarah, and I travel to Chapala have lunch and look around.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 We drove to the town of Mezcala today. Then down by the lake shore we hired a boat to get out to the island. Mezcala Island, also known as El Presidio, is located a few kilometers southeast of the town of Mezcala on the northern shore of Lake Chapala, a few miles east of Chapala. From 1812 to 1816, a small band of Mexican rebels held off the Spanish army and navy against overwhelming odds. Tired of the humiliation, the Spanish finally negotiated a peaceful surrender with the insurgents. The island then became a Spanish prison for many years. Rumors have it that indigenous structures and hieroglyphics existed on the island before the fortifications were built, but if so all traces disappeared with the construction.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 We caught the bus out of Ajijic for a trip to the market. Mercado Libertad (Liberty Market), better known as Mercado San Juan de Dios (San Juan de Dios Market) is located in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. It is one of the largest indoor markets in the country with over 2600 stalls. The market has three levels, and laid out so each floor has a theme. There are little paths through vast amounts of goods that you walk. It is just incredible. Guadalajara's Catedral Metropolitana (1568) , Plaza de la Liberacion (Liberation Square), and Plaza Tapatia which stretches out over seven city blocks are just a few of the other things to see. Guadalajara being Mexico second largest city has so much to see there is no way possible to take it all in one day.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 Lou, C.B., and I went to the Ajijic Wednesday market which alone is fascinating place, but with Lou it is an eye opener. There are fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, candies, and craft goods from the local areas.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 The Chapala street market runs along the Malecon. It has vendors most every day, but on weekends it is full of people. People travel to Chapala on weekends to enjoy the nice weather and views of the lake from the Malecon. While walking the Malecon you will see and talk to people from many different citys in Mexico along with people from many different countries. Yes, you will find many tourist here on weekends.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 I take pictures as I walk around the town of Ajijic. There is wall art, brightly painted buildings, the square, the lake, and all of this within just blocks.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The July the 15th 2012 climb to La Chupinaya it would be my first. The mountain starts two blocks up the street I live on. The Sacred path to the Chapel and Three Crosses is the starting point. You hike to the chapel on a path that zigzags up. At that point the path starts going up until you reach the saddle which is an open area with corn fields and the top of this mountain. You go around and down the mountain a little ways, and then you start climbing again till you reach the top of La Chupinaya at about 7,900 feet. It is not an easy climb, but it sure is one pretty one.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **July 2012 My apartment is small but it suits me well. I have all kinds of plants with my enclosed patio. I am allowed to do whatever I want inside my little domain. It makes the apartment a piece of paradise.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **July 2012 I had to climb the mountain that was 2 blocks away. The more I looked at it the more I had to know what was up there. It was not a hard climb on the Sacred path to the Chapel and Three Crosses. - This tiny chapel "The Hermitage" on the mountain above the village of Ajijic is dedicated to the Holy Cross. Here is where the trail gets a lot harder. You really start "up" the mountain at that point. When you get to the top you have cornfields and a amazing view of Lake Chapala. The top was about 6200 feet
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Picture of the lake, mountains, and boardwalks in Chapala and Ajijic, Mexico.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **July 2012 After spending the night in Saltillo at the Fiesta Inn, I take 57 toward Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, and to Gaudalajara, Mexico. I find that driving in these mountains in the middle of the summer the air is still cold. I was driving through landscapes I had never seen before. I could not believe the huge arid mountains that cactus of all kinds were growing on. I drove through areas that have huge Joshua trees and barren mountains. In an area that could be so hard I was amazed with its beauty.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **July 2012 Driving on Highway 59 through the West Texas plains you see flat fields of grain, corn, and cactus. Doing things the big Texas way the speed limit is 85, and some of the roads are not really made for it. The west side of Laredo gives you the impression you are already in Mexico. Then you see that big sign for International Bridge 1 or Bridge 2. After four hours of conflict about my visa, and a in and out trip from Mexico my truck and I are both welcomed. Then the hope is to get off the border area quick, and I do not want to stop in Monterrey. Soon after entering into Mexico you start seeing grand mountains, and I drive for hours through them until I reach Saltillo. Everything I read says do not drive at night so it is a hotel for me.

Lake Pelba Louisana Swamp on I10July 2012 After spending the night on Bourbon Street, I checked out of the hotel in New Orleans early and hit I10 toward Texas. I drove through the swamp land of Louisiana,  and on to Texas. Looking  from the road at the big Houston high-rises without looking back. I just want to drive as far as I can go.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **July 2012 While in Louisiana I can think of nothing better to do but stop on Bourbon Street. You drive for miles across Lake Pontchartrain before you enter New Orleans. Lake Pontchartrain looks like an ocean. I can't understand how something this large could flood but no flood today just a pretty sunny day. I get to my hotel on Bourbon Street carry my bags in and set them down. It is now time to really visit, as I would say hit the streets of the "town with no morals". I have always loved New Orleans.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Easter at Grandma Roark's includes all the family which is a large and extended group.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Smyrna Air Show with Hagan, Aiden, and Julie

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2012 Aiden's Birthday party.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Grandma Roark's 92nd Birthday 2011

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **For our 2011 vacation Aiden wants to see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.. So we are off on a drive to D.C.. While looking for a hotel in Virginia we find the Hampton Inn Col Alto build in 1827 located in Lexington, Va, it is a restored old house on the National Register of Historic Places . From there we drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Shenandoah Valley. In D.C we see the memorials, museums, and the zoo. It was a whole lot of walking, and it was hot. So then it is off to the beach. Chincoteague Island is a barrier island off the coast of Virginia. We got there on the weekend of the famous Chincoteague Pony roundup and swim where the ponies swim across the bay from Assateague Island. About 40,000 people show up for this to bake in the hot sun not knowing when the ponies are ready to swim. You can see pictures of two of the fools baking in the hot sun. There are cute getting sunburnt. Assateague Island is a reserve and park where the beach is located.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2011 The hospital and baby Addison birth with Brian, Lorrie, and family.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2011 Jon's escape get together  with the crew from Academic Computing .

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2011 Standing Stone State Park and Standing Stone State Forest covers nearly 11,000 acres on the Cumberland Plateau of north-central Tennessee. The quaint and rustic park is noted for its outstanding scenery, spring wildflowers, fossils and other natural diversity. The park is located in Overton County near Livingston.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 2011 Julie's Las Vegas Trip for Microsoft training.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **2011 It is a cool rainy spring day for a Sunday drive to satisfy Aiden's curosity about Abe Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln childhood home is located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The Lincoln family lived on 30 acres of the 228 acre Knob Creek Farm from the time Abraham was two and a half until he was almost eight years old.

2010 Dos Margaritas get together.

2010 Our vacation to North Carolina starts with a drive to Maryville to visit family. Then since all the roads are blocked by rock slides we have to drive across the mountains on highway 68 to Murphy N.C.. We drive up to Bryson City for Aiden to ride the Smoky Mountain Railroad. We had a great time riding through Nantahala Gorge on a open sided train. We continued on through Maggie Valley and head for Ashville. In Ashville we tour the Biltmore an 8,000-acre estate in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina that George Vanderbilt built. We drive back through Gatlinburg go to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and and the spend the night.  Then it is homeward bound.

Easter 2010 at Grandma Roark's

Christmas 2009 with all the family. It starts with Grandma Roark's Christmas Eve with a feast for the entire family and opening of presents. Then it is off to Julie's Mom and Dad to a sleep over and a big breakfast in the morning with opening of presents. Finally it is a drive home to see what Santa has left there.

Thanksgiving 2009 at Lorie's and Brian's.

Finding a pumpkin at Bottom View Farm outside of Whitehouse and the fun of Halloween 2009.

October 2009 Stones River National Battlefield a 570-acre park along the Stones River in Rutherford County, Tennessee, three miles northwest of Murfreesboro, memorializes a key battle of the American Civil War that took place on December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1863, which resulted in a strategic Union victory. .

September 2009 vacation to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean. Soon after arriving in San Juan, we picked up a rental car and was on our way. Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long by 35 miles wide so you will not get really lost just misplaced. We rented a beach house in Arecibo about a 45 minute drive from San Juan. Arecibo is the home of the largest radio telescope in the world. The beach house was set in a cove right on the Atlantic Ocean. The water was as warm as bath water and a unbelievable blue. We visited the radio telescope, Old San Juan, Camuy caves, lighthouses, beaches, and parks. We drove all over Puerto Rico. Puerto is a beautiful historic island with at hot and humid climate year round.

Aiden birthday party at home with family and friends. March vacation to  Florida to see Disney's Magic Kingdom, Sea World to see Shamu, Kennedy Space Center to see the space shuttle, Daytona for a walk on the beach, a short visit with my brother in Jacksonville, and Easter at Grandma Roark's 2009.

Sept 2008 Aiden's first camping trip at Henry Horton State Park south of Nashville.

Meeting at Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee and drive to Savannah,  and Tybee Island Georgia 2008.

Backyard 2008

Sister Wanda's Birthday East Tennessee 2008

Chattanooga - Tennessee Valley Railroad, Grand Junction Rail Road Station, Rock City, Tennessee Aquarium, Raccoon Mountain, Foster Falls Overlook.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Aiden and I around the house September 2007
Home August 2007
Home July 2007
Home May 2007

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Aiden and I with The Burbank Boomerang one of the planes I flew in Vietnam at the Fort Rucker Alabama Air Museum, Gulf World, St Andrews State Park, Shell Island Cruise Panama City, Florida March 2007

Damn lucky! Tornado April 7, 2006 which distroyed most of my neighborhood. Eight houses starting within a 100 yards of mine gone.

Aiden's birthday and Christmas 2006

Grandma Dyer's Birthday 2005

Easter at Grandma Roark's 2005

Morgan's birthday 2005

Hagan's birthday 2005

Trip to Atlanta

Julie and Aiden July 2005

Allen Roberts old military buddy 2005

Thanksgiving 2004

Opryland Ice show at Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004

Home Sweet Home

Christmas New Orleans 2003

2002 Road Trip with a look at the Grand Canyon. A stop in Sedona's Red Rock State Park with a hike to the top of the hill for a view. A mountain drive up the dirt road to Flagstaff from Sedona. Driving west in Arizona on Route 66 to Hoover Dam where Julie stood in two states at the same time. The return trip through Utah, Saint Louis. I do not know all the places I was.

2002 with a drive into Canada. Wow and what a great big waterfalls Niagara Falls Driving the coast of Lake Erie with a stop in Saint Cathrine for a fill up on cool drinks. Yes the discovery of the Beer Store, because beer is only sold in the beer store. Driving east into Toronto with a visit to Toronto Island and to the top of CN Tower. Then onward toward Quebec and Montreal. The Border Crossing in Vermont. Hotel stay on Cape Cod .

New Orleans 2001

2001 trip to Costa Rica and it is well into the dry season extremely hot and dry. Driving from Liberia to Tamarindo the landscape looks like the Africa savanna. Taking a trip to see the Arenal valcano and Lake Arenal. The Cato Rain Forest is on the way. It is damp and humid in the mountains and more jungle looking. Coming out of the mountains we stop are the hot springs to swim. The water comes out of the volcano. The Hot Springs go from a warm to an extremely hot. Playa Langosta is where the Barcelo beach front hotel. We catch a Sunset Cruise one night on the beach in Tamarindo. It was nice, relaxing little trip.

2000 Mexico: Chichen Itza on the Yucatán Peninsula, Cancun city, Eldorado Resort on the Riviera Maya outside of Playa Del Carman, The Island of Cozumel

2000 New Orleans

Volstate and setting up new computers, Indian Boundary deep in Cherokee National Forest, Cades Cove, Bald River Falls

1999 Spring Break road trip to Memphis and Graceland, Houston, Galveston, and all places in between. In search of warm weather.

Cades Cove 1980's

Mammoth Cave National Park, Barren River State Park. Kentucky. 1980's

Big South Fork Scenic Railway.  Kentucky 1980's

Cumberland Falls State Park. Kentucky 1980's

Mike Stuart's house in Watertown Tn. Yes, it was almost a zoo. 1980's

1979 Cashville dedication of Amqui Railroad station and Johnny Cash with many others.

1979 Catoctin Mountain State Park Maryland home of Camp David

1979 Virgina Beach Cape Henry. The First Landing of the settlers that established Jamestown. Tara Millette and Mike Long

1979 Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Gettysburg National Battlefield, site of a turning point in the Civil War, now part of Gettysburg National Military Park.

1979 St Andrews State Park Panama City Beach. Tara Millette.

1977 Chilhowee Lake camping and Wanda and Frank Long's with the wild bunch. What happens when you play chicken with a car and motorcycle.

1975 Eloyd, Patty, Tad, Tracy Millette. Wonder Woods Kentucky.

1974 August Jam Charlotte

1973 My van in Thurmont Maryland.

Old pictures from 1910-1960's.
Aiden and Monster Cojumatlan San Antonio Plaza Lake Chapala Mazamitla Dancer Cactus Nidia Mex Hwy57D to Saltillo Mex Hwy57D to Saltillo Saltillo to USA Louisiana bridge Fruit Stand cowboy Guadalajara Guadalajara El Rey Ruins Cancun Page, Bill and Roger Jocotecpec Tulum Tulum Tulum Tulum Jocotepec Tiangias Jocotepec