This article came from the Sandpiper Family Gram an offical Navy Publication. It was the Newletter for the NAF at Cam Ranh Bay. It was dated June 1969. It tells a little history on the company itself.

The 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation) United States Army, Vietnam (USAV) was the first unit to deploy into the newly organized Naval Air Facility at Cam Ranh Bay in June, 1967. The "First" deployed from Marana Air Park, Arizona when part of the company ferried the unit's five P-2 Neptunes and the rest arrived via C-124. It is the only Army unit to fly the P-2. The aircraft is the largest and most complex aircraft operated by Army Crews.

These P-2's are specially configured for highly classified reconnaissance missions throughout the Republic of Vietnam. Unarmed, they have a range of 2200 miles, weigh over 75,000 pounds and normally carry a mission crew of 14. They are powered by two jets and two reciprocating engines. Currently, the aircraft are being programmed through the Naval Air Rework Facility in Norfolk, Virginia. The first P-2 reached CONUS last December, and the second in March. In both cases, the "Crazy Cats" provided the ferry crews. All pilots, plane captains, and maintenance personnel are specially selected and receive the standard Navy training at North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, California. A seven man detachment is stationed permanently at North Island to handle financial problems, personnel affairs and other matters. When the 1st Radio Research Company became operational in June, 1967, it would have been difficult in those days of tents and sand to imagine the modern comfortable buildings and well-tended grass of 1969. The "Crazy Cats" has grown together with NAF; and now has only one major construction project in the offing: a large hangar whose parts are already on site.

In the past two years, the "First" has been a firm supporter of a variety of NAF projects. The unit provided the swimming pool now enjoyed by sailor and soldier alike, and play an important role in the various sports. A 1st RR men lost only one football game on its way to winning the title last fall; and the softball team is one of the strongest on the Cam Ranh peninsula.

The 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation) is presently commanded by Major Harry B. Fentress who was formerly the Maintenance Office of the 224th Aviation Battalion, Saigon. Major Clyde ED. Oxford is the Executive Officer, and Major James Jinks Jr., the operations officer. The First Sergeant is Ren Jacoby.

Written by:
SN Buck Traxler